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A New Tesla in My Driveway

Tesla PowerWall

We took delivery of a new Tesla yesterday, and here’s proof of it sitting in the driveway.  You might notice that it is a litte small, missing some tires, a steering wheel and doors, that’s because it is a Tesla Powerwall.  This is probably as close as I’ll come to owning a Tesla car in the near future.

The Tesla Powerwall is a large battery pack that will work with our previously installed solar photovoltaic system that we installed on the house last year.  The power from the panels will be stored in the Tesla Powerwall during the day, and then we can use it in the house at night.

Right now, given the current cost of electricity this is about a 10 year ROI (Return on Investment), but I’m guessing that electricity will keep getting more expensive, helping to make this cost effective more quickly.

We are working with Duncan Renewables again as they did our photovoltaic panel installation last year.  Installation is happening right now, so more information after installation.  I’m happy to answer any questions if this is something you are considering as well.