From Rag & Bone to Boney M

As I’m continuing my British education (and hopefully yours too) after my previous posting about Rag & Bone Men, I only just found out about the musical group Boney M., a huge disco hit from the 1970’s and onwards, but apparently not a big hit in the United States.  Go ahead and click play below on the Rasputin song and read on…..

I originally heard a song from them while listening to BBC York during my workday.  When my wife came home that evening I asked if she had ever heard of Boney M. and couldn’t believe I had never heard of them.  Even my mother-in-law knew the name and remembered the band and music.

I spent most of the day listening to the various Boney M offerings on YouTube, so catch up on your 1970’s Euro disco music and get educated.




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