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My three year old son loves to take the receipt from Costco to the “receipt checker” as you leave the store.  Usually the nice person there will check the receipt and draw a little smiley face on the back of the receipt.  Recently my son has been asking for particular art requests and the Costco employee usually tries to comply.  Some of the results have been very humorous and I thought should be shared at a domain name like (domain doesn’t exist….yet), but someone else has already been collecting Costco receipt art on their blog here.  I’ll be posting our pictures there, but will also include ours on this blog as well.

2010-07-01 - Costco Art - Mouse - Everett, MA $9.92
2010-07-01 - Mouse - Everett, MA $9.92

Personally I think this one looks more like a bug than a mouse, but he tried to make big Mickey Mouse style round ears.


2010-07-27 - Costco Art - Rhinoceros - Everett, MA $337.32
2010-07-27 - Rhinoceros - Everett, MA $337.32

This rhino is only missing a couple legs, but it has a nice friendly look about it.

UPDATE: 4/27/2011

We’ve had a couple new additions to add as well.  We normally get these pretty generic smiley faces from the checkers who feel they can’t draw.  Sometimes they are pretty interesting.

2011-03-31 - Smiley Face - Everett, MA $268.96
2011-03-31 – Smiley Face – Everett, MA $268.96

And the mouse is an always popular option, but in this case it is sort of a cross between a mouse and a lion:

2011-04-21 - Mouse - Everett, MA $192.62
2011-04-21 - Mouse - Everett, MA $192.62

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